About Us


Over the past ten years Kavaleer have steadily been building a reputation for themselves as one of the most savvy and talented studios on the block. The studio has crafted a niche that sees it recognized internationally as a creator of award –winning film and television projects on one hand, a trusted provider of animation, interactive and design services on the other. Aside from creating our own TV shows, Kavaleer is equally adept in the role of co-producer and in helping to demystify for our clients the benefits of Section 481 investment.

While TV and web content forms the mainstay of our activities, Kavaleer are also a seasoned provider of interactive content and apps for the e-learning and games sectors.  In 2009, Interactive services accounted for half of our turnover and we have begun developing our own apps for launch in early 2011.  While we keep up with current trends and technological developments, it’s perhaps apt that our decidedly analogue short film ‘Hasan Everywhere’, which comprised of over 10,000 hand drawn frames won us both Best Animation and the Grand Prix at the 2010 Digital Media Awards.

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An Award Winning Studio

Among their many accolades, Kavaleer are the proud winners of four Digital Media Awards and have been twice nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award and a British Animation Award. Our film work has been selected by over 100 international festivals over the past ten years.


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