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Alva & the Trolls Launched at Cartoon Forum

22 September

We’re delighted to announce the launch of ‘Alva & the Trolls’ at the 27th annual Cartoon Forum which took place last week in beautiful Toulouse. It was our seventh time pitching at the event and we really believe that this time it was a charm! When we started our slate three years ago we took on the task of filling the gaps we felt existed in the kids’ content space and we poured a lot of love into shows that tackled issues very close to our hearts.


‘Alva’ is the baby of our new family and we were most particularly mindful of how and when we first presented her to the world. The 52 x 11 show, which has been in development over the past two years, is a first of its kind. A preschool show that uses the allegory of the fairy-tale to introduce media-literacy to 4-6 year-olds, linked their ‘real-world’ social and emotional development with the ‘virtual’ hot topics of cyber-safety and netiquette.

Andrew introducing Alva & The Trolls at Cartoon Forum presentation

Andrew introducing Alva & The Trolls

We developed Alva with the aim that it would be water-wings for social media, a show that dealt with issues kids will inevitably face online, but targeting an audience that have not yet graduated to YouTube or Facebook. Rather than hitting our theme head on, Alva & the Trolls uses iconography and metaphor to deal with the psychology of growing up online in a way that is more akin to the classic fairy tales of Grimm and Perrault. By skewing the show younger than anything currently on offer, we are embracing an audience that are still co-viewing, providing a space for not-so-tech-savvy parents and guardians to share in Alva’s quest to navigate this new world and show the nasty Trolls that being mean all the time just isn’t cool.

Gary explains the "Ginger Tax"

Gary explains the “Ginger Tax”

alva-and-the-trolls-kidscreen-magazineThe launch was among the top 20 in terms of attendance out of 80 projects pitched, was singled out as buzzworthy by Kidscreen, featured prominently in the Sunday Business Post’s Animation Nation article and featured in C21’s Talking Shop report.


‘Alva & the Trolls’ Cartoon Forum launch was made possible with the financial assistance of Creative Europe and the Irish Film Board and with the sponsorship of RTEJr.

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