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Apple App in the Apple

27 March

A really nice piece on Times on Line showing New York resident Jorge Colombo using the Brushes app for iPhone, literally finger painting impressionistically as he walks the streets of Manhattan. Its weird because quite a few of the locations in this clip also feature in the short ‘Hasan Everywhere’ we are working on here. Katz’s Deli on East Houston has the best pastrami in the Apple (order a home made root beer and a pickle on the side) and was the location in When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan ‘fakes it’ for Billy Crystal. This is just a few doors down from the former location of the Cairo Cafe where Hasan and Dorit share their last NYC scene in our film. Its a kebab shop these days, unfortunately it was a victim of the smoking ban because most of the money they made was from Shisha (Nargileh or Hookah depending on your location)

Meet Jorge Colombo

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