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Boj – Soon to hit your screens!

07 May

Boj Team V4

We are very excited to announce that May 2014 will see the official launch of Kavaleer’s latest pre-school series, Boj! Created by BAFTA Award-winning Pesky Productions (UK) in association with Kavaleer Productions and Cloth Cat Animation (Cardiff).

Boj, voiced by a 9-year-old Australian actor, Ziggy Badans, is the story of a young Bilby from the Australian outback who has moved to Giggly Park with his Pops (voiced by Jason Donovan) and Mimi (voiced by Josie Taylor) and their trusty ukuleles. Boj’s unique outlook on life shows his new friends how to have fun and solve their problems in a creative and positively “Boj-a-Boom” way!

The series features a theme tune (sung by Jason Donovan) and a dozen original songs all specially written in collaboration with BAFTA-winning composer Mick Cooke, member of BRIT award-winners Belle and Sebastian.

Here at Kavaleer HQ, Boj and his pals have been brought to life through the hard work of our 20 plus strong production crew, under the guidance of Production Manager, Lindsey Adams and Animation Director, Ruth Ducker. The Series was created and directed by Claire Underwood, with co-creators David Hodgson (Producer) and Dave Ingham (Head Writer), and executive producers Gary Timpson (Kavaleer) and Jon Rennie (Cloth Cat).

This 52 x 11 minute series is already generating a lot of interest around the world, and has a growing list of major international broadcasters including RTEjr (Ireland), CBeebies (UK), PBS Sprout (US), France 5 (France), ABC (Australia), S4C (Wales), YLE (Finland) and Yoopa (Canada).

Watch this space to find out where Boj will be popping up next!

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