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13 September

Cartoon Forum is just around the corner and the Kavaleer team are gearing up to present their latest property, TIPTO.


A school-based 52 x 11 comedy for 6-9 year olds, ‘TIPTO’ is set at Dirtmouth Academy, where young Tipto Molesworth is its most enthusiastic student. Tipto finds everything about Dirtmouth totally and completely AWESOME and attending the prestigious school is a dream come true. Dirtmouth’s worm-centric curriculum is right up Tipto’s alley because if there’s one thing he might love more than Dirtmouth, it’s worms! But evil science teacher and carnivorous fish, Simon the Sarcastic Fringehead, hates worms as much as Tipto loves them and he won’t rest until they are eradicated from the planet. Luckily, Tipto and his friends, whether intentionally or not, always manage to thwart Simon’s latest evil genius plan to take down wormkind once and for all.

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Welcome to Dirtmouth Academy!

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