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Dougie Noir features in iKids

11 April


A great write up on one of our latest projects – “Dougie Noir” in iKids.

The following is an excerpt but you can read the full article here →

In a partnership that’s taking educational mobile game content to heady new levels, Irish companies Kavaleer Productions and neuroscience lab Cortechs have joined forces to launch a suite of brain-fitness apps for kids with autism and ADHD.

Kavaleer founder and CEO Andrew Kavanagh recently unveiled the groundbreaking new IP, Dougie Noir, at iKids in Miami to an industry audience intrigued by the property’s potential to educate, entertain and engender health and wellness.

Kavanagh’s got the idea for Dougie Noir during development phase of another Kavaleer project, 2D-animated, STEM curriculum-based series Kiva can do!

“It focuses on creativity and innovation, and how both math and visual aptitude are essential for kids who hope to be the innovators and inventors of the next generation,” says Kavanagh. “The show’s stories merge these areas, which up until recently, had been viewed as mutually exclusive.”

In researching inventors, Kavanagh says he became aware of how many game-changing artists and scientists would fall into the autistic spectrum had modern diagnostic techniques been in practice during their lifetimes.

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