The latest from Kavaleer.

Irish Animation Series Goes Global

15 June

Kavaleer Productions, based in Dublin, Ireland, are delighted to announce that their animated TV series, Garth & Bev will premiere on CBeebies Mexico and CBeebies U.S Hispanic on June 21st. Broadcast dates are also pending for BBC and CBeebies Africa.

BBC Worldwide has previously distributed the series in Qatar to Arabic Children’s channel, Al-Jazeera, Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong and the Portuguese channel, Radio E Televisao de Portugal.

Garth and Bev

The series, which is aimed at 4-7 year olds, is produced by Kavaleer Productions’ managing director Gary Timpson. Speaking about the series’ recent success Gary says,

“It’s great to see the series go from strength to strength. A lot of hard work had gone into the into the making of Garth & Bev so it really means a lot to the team when we see how well it is received both in Ireland and internationally.”

Michael O’Keeffe, chief executive of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland said,

“The BAI is delighted to be part of the success story that is Garth & Bev. The production of high quality television projects that add to the viewing choice of Irish audiences -in this case young children- is a key objective of Sound & Vision, the Broadcasting Funding Scheme. Garth & Bev is yet another example of how Sound & Vision funding is being used to create exciting animation projects that are set in Ireland.”

Since its debut on, RTÉ Two in November 2009, Garth & Bev has enjoyed great success. The series received a 32% audience share during its two week run on RTÉ Television and subsequently aired on CBeebies and BBC2.

Financing for the series was provided by RTÉ, the BBC, BBC Worldwide, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland- Sound & vision Fund, The Irish Film Board and the Irish tax incentive schemes, section 481. With the support of the MEDIA Program of the European Union and with the assistance of the Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit & The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. In association with Telefim Canada and Co-produced with Copernicus Studios.

Emma Scott, production executive at the Irish Film Board said:

“The IFB are delighted to support this talented and innovative Irish company. The appeal of Garth & Bev lies in the humour and innovation of the writing and animation talent inherent in Kavaleer. We look forward to seeing Garth & Bev charming and informing young children all over the world, as it has already done in Ireland.”

Sheila de Courcy, RTÉ’s commissioning editor, Young People’s Programmes said:

“Garth and Bev is very successful in bringing youngsters timeless stories in a contemporary style. RTÉ Young Peoples Programmes is delighted to see these concepts presented in the schedule with great success. The series is a real hit with our audience”.

Created & executively produced by Kavaleer CEO, Andrew Kavanagh and directed by Stuart Shankly, Garth & Bev follows the adventures of Garth and his sister Bev who live a long time ago in the beautiful village of Ballybeg. They are no ordinary siblings though! With a little Druid magic from their Grandfather, Lir, they travel through the ‘Time Spiral’ on amazing adventures to find out how behind every great idea.. ‘Nature has all the answers’.

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