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Kavaleer bring ‘Dougie Noir’ 52 x 11, to Mipcom

29 September

Following a very successful Cartoon Forum, and continuing the studio’s aim of creating a broad range of kids shows with real-world spinout, Kavaleer will be taking ‘Dougie Noir’, a 52 x 11  boy-skewed action-comedy to Mipcom.  Their latest show features an eponymous eight year old kid detective who also suffers from ADHD, a condition that affects some 7%  of children worldwide.

With Kiva, we were inspired by the story of (European Ambassador for Innovation) Damini Kumar, who knew from age five she wanted to grow up to be an inventor,”

says Kavaleer CEO and ‘Dougie Noir’ Creator, Andrew Kavanagh.

With Dougie, we are creating a role model for kids with ADD / ADHD which highlights the hidden benefits of the condition. In Dougie’s case, impulsivity, risk averseness and high energy levels can be channelled into crime busting superpowers. It’s basically ‘Sherlock’ for kids.”

Kavaleer hope that with ‘Dougie’, a shift in perception around the condition might be achievable, both from the perspective of the children diagnosed with it and from the standpoint of their peers and educators.

Kavaleer's Dougie Noir


The studio are also working on a complimentary game app with Neurotech firm Cortechs, headed up by CEO and neuroscientist Dr. Aine Behan. Cortechs’ EEG reading ‘neurofeedback’ technology can be transmitted from a Bluetooth headset to a standard Android mobile device, creating a feedback loop and reward mechanism that has clinically proven benefits in increasing focus and attention in youngsters who regularly use the game.  Kavaleer hope to close finance for ‘Dougie’ Q3 2016 with deliveries beginning summer 2017.

Both ‘Kiva Can Do!’ and ‘Dougie Noir’ had development support from Irish Film Board and Creative Europe.

Some meeting times are still available, so please do get in touch. Gary Timpson – | Andrew Kavanagh



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