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Kavaleer in The Liberties

29 June


Kavaleer Productions are delighted to celebrate the completion of Areaman’s wonderful documentary, The Liberties, launched at this year’s Stranger than Fiction festival. Shane Hogan and Tom Burke’s fabulous documentary opens a door to twelve different stories of people living and working in Dublin’s the Liberties today. The home of Guinness greatest, a once prosperous corner of Dublin, to now often considered the corner the Celtic Tiger forgot, each story warms the heart for its honesty and beauty at the real lives of those that keep the Liberties alive.

‘The Storyboard’ is just one segment of this film. Shane and Tom interviewed Gary and Andrew, directors of Kavaleer Productions – an animation company in the heart of Dublin 8, and together they give a modern take on the idea of working a craft, something that’s still so prominent in the Liberties today.

‘The Storyboard’ is available to view on our Vimeo channel

It will be up on our own website in the very near future, so please do check back soon.

For further information about the complete documentary go to Areaman’s website –




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