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Kavaleer launch ‘Dougie Noir’ at Cartoon Forum.

22 September

Last Thursday 17th September, we were proud and delighted to launch our latest show, ‘Dougie Noir’ a 52 x 11 boy skewed action-comedy series for 6-11s featuring the world’s first consulting circus detective!

Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh doing their thing at Cartoon Forum

Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh doing their thing at Cartoon Forum

Kavaleer’s creative helmsmen Andrew Kavanagh and Gary Timpson presented the concept before a room of 195 friends, colleagues and clients, making it one of the top 10 presentations by attendance out of the 91 projects that were shown during the three day event in Toulouse. ‘Dougie Noir’ was also in the top 5 presentations by investor attendance, with 93 potential funding partners in the room, ranking it fifth overall at Forum, and top among the nine Irish projects pitched last week.

The new show details the adventures of eight-year-old Dougie, the only kid in the world who wants to run away from the circus. He aims on growing up to be a great detective in the mould of his heroes Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Columbo. But Dougie has one potential drawback- he’s got ADHD. But his condition is only a drawback in terms of perception- he plans on using the advantages it gives him- impulsivity equals quick reflexes, hyperactivity equals superhuman energy- but he has some ways to go on his focus to detail and people skills… Luckily for Dougie, he’s got a partner, nine-year-old Mnemonica loves everything Dougie hates- proof, evidence, that sorta thing…they may drive each other crazy but they make an amazing crime-busting team. Dougie Noir also features a ground-breaking interactive component which the studio is developing with neurotech whizz kids Cortechs, using their patented neurofeedback technology which has been clinically trialled and demonstrated to measurably improve focus and attention levels in kids with ADD / ADHD.

The launch marks the second in Kavaleer’s new slate which aims to empower children, destigmatize conditions, throw light on minority issues and, well, ultimately change the world through making kids laugh. The launch came in the same week Kavaleer closed ‘Kiva Can Do!’, a 39×11 preschool series which focuses on providing a tangible role model for girls with an interest in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. ‘Kiva’ marks the third successive show in Kavaleer’s expanding slate of IP that the company have financed and produced over three successive years.

Dougie Noir

Dougie Noir has received development funding from Irish Film Board website and Creative Europe.

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