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Kavaleer welcomes Jackie Leonard!

14 April

jackie Leonard Joins Kavaleer

jackie Leonard Joins Kavaleer

Jackie Leonard is delighted to have joined Kavaleer Productions as a Producer in February 2011.

After graduating with a degree in Arts and a Post Grad in Arts Admin Jackie began working in the film and animation industry. Starting off her career in the Galway Film Fleadh she then moved into the animation industry and has moved up to her current position as Producer over the last 14 years.

She was a Commercials Producer for Brown Bag Films for over 8 years and has produced many TV commercials, music videos and animated TV series. Some of her credits as Producer/ Production Manager to date include Olivia II 26 x 11min TV series for Chorion US, The Academy Award® Nominated short film Granny O’Grimm 1 x 5min, Give Up Yer Aul Sins TV Series & Documentary 7 x 5 min & 30min Doc, The Boy Who Had No Story 11min Frameworks Short Film (2 x IFTA Awards 2005), The Masterplan Video for Oasis for Partizan UK, Before Sunrise 5 min Frameworks Short Film, Why Series II 28 x 5min eps, Lil Europeans 26 x 1min eps.

She has also produced multiple TV commercials for National and International clients including “The Lotto”, Vodafone, and Post Bank commercials for DDFH&B, ‘Fig Rolls’, (2 x Shark Awards Irl), 3Mobile, Irish Examiner & 11850 Conduit, (Irl/UK/Austria/Spain), for Young Euro RSCG, Guinness Ad for IIDDBO, Berocca Ad for Y&R, Pampa Juice Ads for Grey Beirut (Lebanon), UTV/ Progressive Stings for Navigator Blue (Belfast), IFB Identity Re-Brand, Coca-Cola Ad for Rothco and a lot more! As a production coordinator in Magma she worked on the following TV series: Norman Normal Series I & II 26 x 26 min, Nick and Perry 52 x 11 min, Tosh 26 x 13 min.

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