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Kidscreen this Week!

09 February

kidscreenAndrew and Gary are in New York this week attending the annual Kidscreen Summit. We’ve got a busy few days ahead of us (along with a little fun!). Here are the Kavaleer shows that are on table for Kidscreen.

If you want to hook up with Andrew or me at Kidscreen just email: or



Kavaleer's Tipto - Click to enlarge image.

Tipto Molesworth is Dirtmouth Academy’s most enthusiastic student – and why wouldn’t he be?! Dirtmouth is, in a word, AWESOME! For Tipto, attending the prestigious school, famous for its worm-centric curriculum is a dream come true. But evil lurks underground, in the form of Simon – both a science teacher and carnivorous fish – who is on a mission to wipe worms off the face of the planet. But Simon never counted on Tipto and his friends who, whether intentionally or not, always seems to thwart Simon’s latest genius plan to rid the universe of worms once and for all.

Kavaleer’s school-based comedy for 6-11 year-olds had a very successful presentation at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse this past September and now the world’s most enthusiastic mole is at Kidscreen looking for co-production partners, broadcasters and a distribution partner. If you want to know more, please contact Gary Timpson (

More stills from Tipto →



01_WILDERNUTS_poster_LOGOSKavaleer wrapped production on their original pre-school series, Wildernuts in December. Currently airing on RTÉ ( RTÉjr ) in Ireland, Wildernuts introduces pre-schoolers to nature in a thrilling, quest-based format. Curiosity is the key for our five adventurers as they travel around their island home in their magical flying ship, the Cloudhopper, exploring different habitats and meeting the strange and funny creatures that live there.

Kavaleer has secured a very strong distribution partner in Tricon Film & Television who selected Wildernuts as their flagship show to launch their Kids & Family Brand.

Interested? Please contact Tricon Films’ Jon Rutherford ( or Ashley Rite (

Kira Khan Do!


There is truly nothing that Kira Khan can’t do or make – all she needs is some cardboard and her imagination! Along with her best friend, Saul Dunne and her dog, Kludge (whom Kira built out of shoeboxes and paper towel rolls), Kira can create absolutely anything – maybe today it will be a pirate ship, tomorrow a giant elephant and after that a castle in the clouds! And though they never leave Nanni Praveena’s living room, they “travel” all over the world and beyond having spectacular adventures wherever they go!

Kavaleer’s latest project in development, Kira Khan Do! is a show for pre-schoolers who’s heroes need only a cardboard box, some bits and bobs, and whole lot of imagination to have a grand adventure. We are actively seeking co-production partners, broadcasters and a distribution partner. For more information, please contact Gary Timpson (

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