The latest from Kavaleer.

Lifeboat Luke Sets Sail!

06 March

RTE’s latest cartoon caper, Lifeboat Luke wraps animation production today, with the crew of 16 animators from Dublin’s Kavaleer Productions getting a taste the real thing. Volunteer members of Dun Laoghaire’s RNLI Lifeboat ‘Anna Livia’ helped kick off the festivities.

Lifeboat Luke is a 52 x 5 minute series aimed at young kids which combines rollicking nautical adventures with themes of water safety. The eponymous lifeboat and his trusty coxswain Ardal, get involved in such perilous activities as saving lost rubber ducks from the sea near their village of Donaghadoo.

Originally created by LTL’s Alastair McIlwain, Lifeboat Luke is a co-production between Belfast’s LTL Productions and Kavaleer (the first of its kind between the North and South of Ireland) the series is currently in the last stages of post production and the first episodes hits the air-waves in September.

Lifeboat Luke and the Kavaleer Team

Pictured here are members of the RNLI crew with Gary Timpson, (Producer), Ciara Gillan (assistant to Producer), Heidi Gutte (Production Manager), Rob Smyth (Animation director), Andrew Kavanagh (Producer), Mieke Tubbeckx (assistant) and animators Patrick O’Callaghan, Jorge Ortiz, Darren Lakes, Jack Hague, Rory Byrne and Shane Reidy.

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