With imaginary friends like these, who needs enemies?

Being five means sometimes it feels like everyone around you is speaking a foreign language. That’s how it feels most days for Alva. Her big sister Pearl only seems to talk to her when she’s issuing orders and her baby brother Jasper can’t really talk at all. Mum and Dad mean well, but they’re so busy most of the time it’s hard for Alva to get their attention when she has something important to say.

Like most kids her age, Alva doesn’t have much problem letting everyone around her know when something isn’t quite up to snuff. And once she’s vented, she’s usually back to her old self in no time. But unlike most five-year olds, Alva has one small problem…well seven BIG problems, actually. Alva’s magical trollbead bracelet can activate at the most unexpected times and before she knows it, the seven petrified trolls it’s comprised of are running amok and causing all manner of mischief. And worse – only Alva can see them! Keeping calm on a good day can be tough, keeping the cool around this bunch is another matter entirely…

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