Dougie is an eight-year-old kid who dreams of running away from the circus and becoming the world’s greatest detective! Dougie has one potential drawback- he’s got ADHD. But his condition is only a drawback in terms of perception- he plans on using the advantages it gives him- impulsivity equals quick reflexes, hyperactivity equals superhuman energy- but he has some ways to go on his focus to detail and people skills… Luckily for Dougie, he’s got a partner, nine-year-old Mnemonica loves everything Dougie hates- proof, evidence, that sorta thing…they may drive each other crazy but they make an amazing crime-busting team.

DOUGIE NOIR is a 52 x 11 detective show with a difference for 6 – 8 year olds; it’s a combination of mystery-solving, figuring out how to fit in, what to say and what to do.

Production & Sales

For further information about please contact Gary Timpson: gary@kavaleer.com | +353 1 661 8585

With funding from Meida and IFB


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