Draculs - from Kavaleer

The Dracul kids, Meg and Jack, come from a long line of, well, freaks. Dad’s a vampire, Mom’s a mummy and their grandmother is a ghost. It’s hard enough these days for a kid to feel “normal”, even if they are reasonably normal. But when the blood of ghouls, warlocks, werewolves and the like course through your veins fitting in can be a… challenge. But if Meg and Jack put their minds to it, they can make “horrifying and off-putting” work for them and pass for “normal and fun” as much as any other kid.

Production & Sales

In late development, 52×11 – 6-11 year olds.

For further information , please contact Gary Timpson: gary@kavaleer.com | +353 1 661 8585


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