During his captivity in Beirut Brian Keenan had been moved to a solitary compression chamber, six feet long and four feet wide…

Deprived of even the most basic human needs, and facing an ever more hopeless situation, his mind began to unhinge. ‘Music’ is by turns harrowing and inspirational. The visions which at once delighted and plagued him are unforgettable. His flights of imagination, so vivid and real to him, he knew to be hallucinations. It wasn’t until the margins between fantasy and reality became too blurred for him to distinguish between, that his despair began to take real hold.

Powerfully narrated by Brian Keenan, this animated film packs a visual and verbal punch which ultimately celebrates the ecstatic victory of the human spirit over its confinement. A Kavaleer Production in association with Rocket Animation by Andrew Kavanagh and Keith Foran.

“When I viewed the end product at its premiere in Dublin I was more than pleased – I was transported back to that place where if angels fear to tread, animation can recreate.”
Brian Keenan on Kavaleer’s adaptation of his best selling book An Evil Cradling

Ronan Price, Evening Herald

“It is from the outset as masterful an interpretation of the source material as is possible.”
Tara Brady Film West


  • 2000 2nd Prize, Galway Film Fleadh, Best Animation
  • 1998 Frameworks Award

Festival Showings

  1. Dublin 1999
  2. Galway 1999
  3. Cork 1999
  4. Foyle 1999
  5. London Irish Film Festival 2000
  6. Manchester Short. Film Festival, 2000
  7. International Film Festival of Wales 2000
  8. MECAL, Barcelona 2000
  9. World Expo Hanover 2000
  10. Kerry Int. Film Festival, 2000
  11. Krok , Russia, 2001
  12. Melbourne, Australia 2002
  13. Adelaide, Australia, 2002
  14. Dublin Fringe Festival 2002
  15. Bite the Mango Film Festival, June 2003
  16. Bradford Irish Animation Retrospective, BAF! November 2003
  17. Irish Animation Retrospective, Animex International Animation Festival, University of Teeside, February 2006
  18. Irish Animation, PifPaf Festival, Olomouc Czech Republic, December 2008
  19. Animadrid, Madrid, September 2010
  20. Filmoteca de Zaragoza Screening , October 2010
  21. Irish Animation Festival, Damascus, Syria, December 2010

More Information

For further information on From An Evil Cradling please contact Andrew Kavanagh: andrew@kavaleer.com

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