Time-travelling siblings Garth and Bev live in harmony with Nature in their village long ago. When they solve a problem, they are transported to another time and place by the Time Spiral with a little help from Grandfather Lir, who likes to remind them…  Nature has all the Answers!

The kids have journeyed to meet everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein in their quest to learn about the miracles of science and invention, but what always amazes Garth and Bevin is that there is always an inspiration from Mother Nature behind every great idea. The kids always have a voyage of discovery and more often than not end up teaching the great geniuses of history a thing or two about the wonders of the natural world.

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For further information about Garth & Bev please contact Gary Timpson: gary@kavaleer.com | +353 1 661 8585

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