They were young, talented and free in New York. Dorit Rabinyan was an Israeli novelist and Hassan Hourani was a Palestinian artist. Their passionate friendship, impossible at home, flourished abroad…

The film explores the brief but passionate friendship of an Israeli writer and a Palestinian artist, both exiles during a freezing New York winter. The style of the narrative is inspired by the writer, Dorit Rabinyan, a deeply prosaic and visually evocative language that provides the voice of the story. The animation is in part adapted from the rich illustrative style of the artist, Hassan Hourani. In contrasting the lonely voice of the writer with the warm, imaginative landscapes of the artist these drawings become oases of colour in a grey, icy and alien land. Through them the friends find portals of escape to a Levantine dream-world.

Format: 1 x 6’

Hasan Everywhere is a beautifully executed animation with an excellent story that is both gripping and haunting… the project’s creativity and craft shone through and bespeaks a creator in high command of their craft.” Judging Panel of the 2010 Digital Media Awards.

Read The Guardian article that inspired Hasan Everywhere.


  • 2010 Digital Media Award, Best Animation
  • 2010 Grand Prix, Digital Media Awards
  • 2010, IFTA Nomination, Best Animation

Festival Showings

  1. Cork International Film Festival, November 2009
  2. Cartoons on the Bay, Italy, April 2010
  3. Brooklyn International Film Festival, June 2010
  4. Palm Springs International Shortfest, June 2010
  5. Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil, July 2010
  6. Anima Mundi, Sao Paulo,  Brazil, July 2010
  7. Hiroshima, Japan, August 2010
  8. Ourense International Film Festival, October 2010
  9. Animated Encounters, Bristol, November 2010
  10. Cinemagic, Belfast, November 2010
  11. Boston Jewish Film Festival, November 2010
  12. Irish Animation Festival, Damascus, Syria, December 2010
  13. PifPaf Festival, Olomouc Czech Republic, December 2010