Set in and around the small seaside community of Donaghadoo, a magical place where things are… different.

Donaghadoo is a picture book Irish fishing village with a strong lifeboat tradition. It boasts a traditional lifeboat house from which a brand-new lifeboat, Luke, is launched. Ardal is the Lifeboat Coxwain who heads up a dedicated crew of townspeople; but it is Luke who often takes independent action on his search and resue missions, as he tries to help whoever is in trouble at sea, and sometimes lands in trouble himself.

With its quirky colourful cast of boats, animals, cars, kids and townsfolk, Lifeboat Luke is entertaining and informative programming for small children.

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Coproduced with Luke the Lifeboat Limited.

Format: 52 x 5 (4-7 years)

For more information: gary@kavaleer.com