The Milliner is set in a world that is governed by very definite rules; a system that is regulated by work…

Each member of the society has a specific task to carry out and does that job and no other. They know their place and unquestioningly and quite literally fit into the equation. By this system, everything runs smoothly and the machine-like efficiency of their world is never compromised – that is, until a random error sets off a chain of events that, despite its insignificance, ultimately breaks down the matrix through the actions of one little hat-maker…

“This simple but cleverly-concocted tale about the power of free thought is visually stunning. Kavanagh’s computer-generated creation is astonishing in its level of detail and his 3D graphics rival those of the big Hollywood animation houses.” Conor Normile Curator of Temple Bar ‘Diversions’


  • O2 DMA Winner
  • 2004 Digital Media Award Winner, Digital Storytelling
  • 2004 Digital Media Award Winner Best 3D Animation
  • 2002 Best Soundtrack- Cinanima
  • 2002 2nd Prize, Galway Film Fleadh, Best Animation
  • 2002 Nomination, British Animation Awards- Best Commissioned Film
  • 2001 IMRO Scoring for Film Award-’The Milliner’
  • 2000 Frameworks Award

Festival Showings

  1. World Premiere: Annecy Film Festival, Annecy France, June 2002
  2. “Bitesize” Dublin Film Festival Animation Programme, Dublin Ireland, June 2002
  3. Official Selection, Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2002
  4. Official Selection, Anima Mundi, Sao Paolo Brazil, July 2002
  5. Stink! Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, July 2002
  6. New Irish Animation, Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland, July 2002 (Award Winner! Second Prize, Best Animation)
  7. Official Selection Edinburgh Film Festival, Edinburgh Scotland, August 2002
  8. Diversions, Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland, August 2002
  9. IMRO scoring for film Workshop, Dublin Ireland August 2002
  10. Darklight Film Festival, Dublin Ireland, September 2002
  11. Dublin Fringe Festival,, Dublin Ireland, September 2002
  12. L.E.A.F. London, United Kingdom, October 2002
  13. Official Selection, Cork International Film Festival, Cork Ireland, 2002
  14. Cartoon Pâte, Toulouse France, October 2002
  15. Raindance Film Festival, United Kingdom, October 2002
  16. Cinanima, Espinho Portugal, November 2002. Winner: Best Original Soundtrack
  17. Official Selection, Bradford Animation Festival (BAF!) United Kingdom, November 2002 (Shortlisted for Best Professional Film)
  18. 17th Brest Short Film Festival, Brest France. Social Cinema in Europe Retrospective. (Cinema Social : Le Monde Ouvrier) November 2002
  19. Foyle Film Festival, The Nerve Centre, Derry Northern Ireland, November 2002
  20. Cinemagic, Belfast Northern Ireland, December 2002
  21. Cine Junior, Arronnell, France, January 2003
  22. Official Selection International Film Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, January 2003
  23. Portobello Film Festival, London, February 2003
  24. Nantes, France, March 2003
  25. Cinemagic, Belfast, March 2003
  26. Official selection, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, China, April 2003
  27. Krok, Kiev-Odessa, Ukraine, September 2003
  28. Bite the Mango Film Festival, UK, June 2003
  29. Bradford Irish Animation Retrospective, BAF! November 2003
  30. Showcomotion, Sheffield, United Kingdom, July 2004
  31. Feile Beochan Irish Animation Retrospective, September 2005

More Information

For further information on The Milliner please contact Andrew Kavanagh:

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