Tipto Molesworth loves everything about earthworms, so when he gets accepted into the prestigious Dirtmouth Academy – famous for its worm-centric curriculum – it’s a dream come true.

In fact, Tipto is Dirtmouth’s number one fan – he loves it almost as much as he loves worms.  But what Tipto doesn’t realize is that his favourite teacher, Simon the Sarcastic Fringehead, is actually out to destroy wormkind.  The only thing standing in his way is Tipto, who, more often than not accidentally, upends Simon’s latest diabolical plan thus saving wormdom and even Dirtmouth itself from complete and utter destruction.

Production & Sales

In development. 52×11 minutes.

For further information about please contact Gary Timpson: gary@kavaleer.com | +353 1 661 8585

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