The Wildernuts are a lively crew made of their intrepid leader, Cap’n Quilty, cabin boy Ludo, ship’s cook Scrunch, look-out Tuchi and ship’s mascot Smidgeen.  This fun-loving crew navigate the skies above their island home on their flying ship, the Cloudhopper.  Each episode sees them exploring a new habitat in search of fun and adventure, while also discovering secrets of the environment and learning about the amazing animals and plants who live there.

This quest-themed show aims to introduce young children to the wonders of the natural world and, aboard the Clouphopper, our five heroes explore mountain tops to island shores and everything in between.  With the Wildernuts – you never know where you’ll end up or who you might meet!  Why not join them and find out?!

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Production & Sales

For further information please contact Gary Timpson: gary@kavaleer.com | +353 1 661 8585

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