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Production on The Abadas begins

26 July


We've just kicked off production on Abadas

Production has begun on Abadas, a 52 x 11 minute TV series that Kavaleer Productions are co-producing with Welsh based animation studio Dinamo Productions. Abadas is a multi –layered interactive word and sound association series for preschool viewers. It is a mixture of animation and live action and will be the first project on which CBeebies, RTE jr and S4C will collaborate on. The animation on the show is being produced using CelAction2D software, the same software used so successfully on Fun With Claude, Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom among many others. We also believe that this is the first time CelAction2D has been used by a studio in Ireland.

Abadas - Set in the magical world of a pop-up book

Abadas - Set in the magical world of a pop-up book

Set in the magical world of a pop-up book, Abadas will aim to challenge young viewers to search for new words while following the adventures of Hari the Hippo, Seren the Bat and Ela the Fox through various different locations.

Owen Stickler of Dinamo is directing the series with Aidan McAteer (Kavaleer) as Animation Director. The series is produced by Gary Timpson for Kavaleer Productions, Siwan Jobbins for Dinamo Productions with Joanne Byrne (Kavaleer) as Production Manager.

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