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Garth & Bev – in a shop near you!

23 January
Garth & Bev CBeebies Mag

Garth & Bev in CBeebies Weekly Magazine! We are very happy and proud to see that Garth and Bev have made appearances in the latest couple of issues on CBeebies Weekly magazine! Inside you’ll find Garth & Bev hosting full page spreads with some great activities such as mazes, trail puzzles and colouring in. How […]

Irish Animation Series Goes Global

15 June

Kavaleer Productions, based in Dublin, Ireland, are delighted to announce that their animated TV series, Garth & Bev will premiere on CBeebies Mexico and CBeebies U.S Hispanic on June 21st. Broadcast dates are also pending for BBC and CBeebies Africa. BBC Worldwide has previously distributed the series in Qatar to Arabic Children’s channel, Al-Jazeera, Television […]

Garth & Bev on CBeebies

20 January

After a very successful run on RTE, Kavaleer Productions are delighted to announce that Garth & Bev has a provisional broadcast date on CBeebies for Monday the 25th January at 7.20am with a second run due to commence on the 2nd March- Time TBC. I hope you can tune in. Medication errors can happen anywhere, […]

Kidscreen NYC

01 March

Kavaleer Productions attended this year’s Kidscreen Forum in New York where producers Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh met distribution and broadcast partners involved in their forthcoming show ‘Garth and Bev‘. Enterprise Ireland hosted the annual Irish Party at Rosie O’Grady’s bar and restaurant on 5th Avenue. Kavaleer also met with prospective partners for forthcoming slate […]

Kavaleer and Copernicus Ink Co-pro Deal on Garth and Bev

12 February

Kavaleer’s Garth & Bev are in the press again! Ireland’s Kavaleer Entertainment and Halifax, Canada’s Copernicus Studios are joining forces to co-produce the 2-D animated series Garth and Bev. The Canuck animation studio has come aboard to create the 2-D toon with a hand-drawn feel. Copernicus president Paul Rigg will be at the helm as […]