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UK’s Happy Audience acquire ‘KIVA CAN DO’ 52×11

29 September

UK’s Happy Audience has acquired the worldwide distribution and merchandising rights to Kavaleer Productions’ latest series ‘Kiva Can Do!

A 52 x 11’ show for pre-schoolers whose hero needs only a cardboard box, some bits and bobs, and whole lot of imagination to have a grand adventure. The series received funding from the Irish Film Board, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Gorilla Post production, RTE and the Section 481 tax credit.



Happy Audience is an independent distribution company founded in 2006 and has grown steadily since then, making international acquisitions of kids fiction and animations.

Estelle Lafoy, founder of Happy Audience, says:

Kiva Can Do’s target audience is 4 to 6 year-olds and is quite distinctive in a marketplace which not always promotes a positive and empowering message for girls. We are proud to team up with one of Ireland’s leading animation companies and we are confident that broadcasters and toy companies around the world will identify with Kiva.”

The ‘Kiva’ message is one the studio are very proud of; it puts a girl who likes to design and build things centre-stage and introduces the audience to imaginative exploration of the physical sciences without resorting to the prescriptive and often limiting roles traditionally marketed at young girls.

The Kavaleer team and I are looking forward to  working with Happy Audience on ‘Kiva Can Do’ and are delighted with the domestic and international support and the project has received,” says Managing Director and Producer Gary Timpson.

“My own daughter is the same age as Kiva and her passion is robotics”, says Timpson. “I’d love her to see a character on screen that she can identify with and think- ‘well, if Kiva can do it, so can I!’  I think that’s something a lot of parents will also relate to.”

‘Kiva Can Do!’ started preproduction in September with a first air date planned for Late 2016.

For sales:

Please contact Estelle in Happy Audience – +33 613 513 241 or contact Gary Timpson – Andrew Kavanagh

Kiva Can Do - Kavaleer Productions

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