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'When Bridie Called Gerry' to screen at the IFI

14 May

When Bridie Called GerryAs part of the IFI’s ‘Bealtaine’ season for older cinema goers throughout the month of May, Andrew Kavanagh’s 2002 short film ‘When Bridie Called Gerry’ will have a rare outing next Friday, 21st May. The short film was based on a prank call Kavanagh made to The Gerry Ryan show in 1995, pretending to be an old lady called Bridie Gaffney. Gerry had put out a request for people with nightmare holiday stories to phone in and Bridie obliged. Seven years later, when we pitched the idea to the Irish Film Board for their Short Shorts scheme, Gerry was a great sport and allowed us to use the audio. Made with the assistance of the Irish Film Archive, and featuring a cameo by the inimitable Jimmy Keogh, we are delighted this little film is receiving another airing.

Bealtaine is the national arts festival celebrating creativity in older age. The festival encourages greater participation in the arts by older people as artists and performers, as event organisers and audience, everywhere from national institutions to local parish halls. The ethos is one of fun, empowerment and exploration. ‘Bealtaine’ screenings at the IFI are free to anyone over 50 but tickets must be booked in advance through the IFI box office 01 679 3477. For more details click here.

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