We Create

We believe that a kid’s world is innately diverse. This is worth cherishing. That’s why we only create innovative, ground-breaking shows that celebrate uniqueness.

It’s our way of supporting young hearts and minds to thrive. We partner with top broadcasters and collaborators to create original programs that really reflect the world around us.

We Collaborate

For almost two decades now, we have helped bring international colleagues’ stories to fruition by co-producing shows that we admire and respect.

Our reputation as a professional, personable partner studio is at the core of our business model and we are always proud to be part of a winning team.

Hire us!

Kavaleer offer a script-to screen work-for-hire service. Utilizing Ireland’s generous 32% tax credit, we can also help close finance on outsourced work.

Kavaleer can act as a management bridge to farshore studios. With extensive experience, we have adaptable 2D pipelines which can accommodate Adobe Animate, After Effects and Cel Action, with a Harmony pipeline available from 2022.