Dino S.O.S

78 x 7 mins, (Hybrid Live-Action / 3D Animation), Pre-school

Don’t like getting strapped into the car seat? Lost your favourite sock in the ball-pit? Toast landed on the floor jam-side down? Again?!! And nobody seems to understand quite how serious a problem it is that teddy got washed without your say-so and just doesn’t smell right anymore. But one thing is for sure when you’re a little one – meltdowns are a daily fact of life.
Luckily for you, DINO. S.O.S are on hand. Four tiny dinosaurs with one BIG aim – to find out how to make it all right again. They may only be ten centimetres tall, but this crack unit of tantrum-tacklers treat your emotional outbursts as their highest priority.

Check out the Dino S.O.S teaser on Vimeo!

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