The Pomegranate Tree

1 x 85mins, (2D Animation)

‘It wasn’t even a proper diary…no dates or days or even 365 pages. But after this morning I’d be surprised to make it to the end of the week – so seven pages would be plenty. As we sat in the little courtyard listening to the gunfire in the streets below us, I started to write.’
In the summer of 2014 a black plague swept across Syria, a killer cult spreading misery and murder. Sitting in the shade of the Pomegranate Tree, we meet Dilly, a young Kurdish girl. Through the pages of her diary, we follow her quest to find her family with a determination to fight, maybe even to die – but never to surrender.

The Pomegranate Tree is Kavaleer’s first feature-film development, based on the devastating YA novel by Vanessa Altin.

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