52 x 11’, (2D Animation), Pre-school

Six-year-old Adam, his smart-wheelchair Speedy, and his buoyant bunny-BFF Bubby are a team of adventurers with a difference! Adam is no ordinary space-explorer…when he’s not floating in Zero-G he needs Speedy to help him to get around, so he has to think about things a little differently to most kids. His mission? Helping others look after their planets so we can learn how to save ours!

But Adam’s adventures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this extraordinary kid. For curiosity and a thirst to learn about anything and everything, Adam’s got no equal. His passion for finding stuff out is infectious, and his big heart is his passport to fantastical far-flung worlds and their unusual inhabitants. Adam may clock light-years getting from Andromeda to Zeta Centauri, but nothing gets in the way once your heart is in the journey, and no one has a bigger heart than this hero.

With his friends by his side, Adam’s adventures are always filled with the unexpected. A hero with a difference is the best starting point for viewing the world differently. ‘Adam ❤ Adventure’ is your ticket to fun, facts and most importantly, friendship. When you join Adam, you’ll ❤ adventure too!

Inspired by and starring Adam King (of The Late Late Toy ShowVirtual Hug’™ fame), ‘Adam ❤ Adventure!’ aims to make Adam’s message of empathy and friendship a truly Universal phenomenon. ‘Adam ❤ Adventure’ will be officially launched at Cartoon Forum in September 2021.

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