52 x 11’, (2D Animation), Pre-school

‘Adam ❤ Adventure’ is a comedy-themed quest show for pre-schoolers. Set in space, it stars real-life hero Adam King, a problem-solving space-explorer whose prime-directive is to use his BIG HEART and SPACE SMARTS to help aliens with their everyday problems.

Seven-year-old Adam, his smart-wheelchair Speedy, Science Officer ZuZu and Adam’s buoyant bunny-BFF Bubby are a team of adventurers with a difference! Adam is no ordinary space-explorer…when he’s not floating in Zero-G he needs Speedy to help him to get around, so he has to think about things a little differently to most kids.

Adam’s adventures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this extraordinary kid. For curiosity and a thirst to learn about anything and everything, Adam’s got no equal. His passion for finding stuff out is infectious, and his big heart is his passport to fantastical far-flung worlds and their unusual inhabitants. Adam may clock light-years getting from Andromeda to Zeta Centauri, but nothing gets in the way once your heart is in the journey, and no one has a bigger heart than this hero.

‘Adam ❤ Adventure’ is your ticket to fun, facts and most importantly, friendship. When you join Adam, you’ll ❤adventure too!

Inspired by and starring Adam King (of The Late Late Toy Show ‘Virtual Hug’™ fame), ‘Adam ❤ Adventure’!’ aims to make Adam’s message of empathy and friendship a truly Universal phenomenon.

Adam Saves Christmas

A special, ‘Adam Saves Christmas’ was officially launched on RTÉjr and RTÉ One on Christmas Eve, and received more than double the views of the next competing programme on all channels in its time slot.

“…the most enjoyable programme of the weekend was just 10 minutes long… ‘Adam Saves Christmas,’ destined to become a perennial classic, Adam saved not only Christmas, but Christmas television too.” (Philip Nolan, “A Touching Christmas Cartoon Classic is Born”, Irish Daily Mail, Dec. 26th 2021.)

Adam Saves Christmas was nominated for ‘Best Animation’ in the
prestigious Royal Television Society Awards.

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